Welcome to the 2023-24 Carlisle Garden Club year! What fun we had last year, and we’re looking forward
to more this year.

This year’s theme, Gardening is Art, will unfold in our yearbook, our programs, and our outings. We’re hoping to have a garden club trip next Spring to add to local activities. So, get ready to paint the world with every color of the floral rainbow.

Looking at our activities, many are centered around work – garden cleanup work days, boxwood tree building and assembly workshops, plant digging, hauling, and categorizing workshops, and planning meetings for all these things. While ostensibly work, this is where we learn about each other, sharing anecdotes, tips, jokes, recipes, and all manner of things. This brings us closer, as members become friends. Which is a vital part of what we are as an organization.

In the past year, we welcomed several new members to the group, adding fresh ideas and experiences. They have stepped into leadership roles, relieving those who have worked diligently for years. We also added two fun activities: a summer Garden Party potluck luncheon in July and the renewal of the Garden of the Month program, which was suspended before the pandemic. We’re planning to repeat both in 2024.

Our scholarship program has expanded, going from $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 and we hope to continue to enhance and streamline this program. Working with the Master Gardener network, we hope to reach more potential recipients this year.

As we move through this, our 95th year, we remember those who went before and work to live up to the high standards they set. Our gardens certainly shine!

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